Please plan to attend the
Advancing the Breed 7 Sale in Lake Charles, Louisiana on October 6, 2016.

Our program will be well represented with 11 very good bulls. They are moderate framed, easy fleshing, high performance, maternally superior multiple generation purebred Braford bulls that will produce daughters to enhance and improve your cowherd.

Lot 102 — WB LG ENTERPRISE 528P — Link to pedigree and EPDs
This polled Legacy son is bred to produce excellent replacement heifers. He has plenty growth and outstanding marbling but a terminal sire he is not.

Lot 103 — WB LG PROGRESSION 537 — Link to pedigree and EPDs
This polled Legacy son would be an excellent choice to use on heifers.

Lot 104 — WB DC PILGRIM 540 — Link to pedigree and EPDs
This good Depth Charge son is out of a 2-yr-old Critical Mass daughter. He is moderate framed with a good ribeye and about as much marbling as you will find in this sale.

Lot 105 — WB CM VOYAGER 542 — Link to pedigree and EPDs
Critical Mass on a Legacy daughter is a great formula for success. He will definitely work on heifers but has the carcass values to use on all your cows.

Lot 106 — WB CM ALL-INCLUSIVE 544P — Link to pedigree and EPDs
This polled Critical Mass out of a great Hulk daughter is as close to a do-it-all bull as you can find. Low birth weight, lots of growth and great carcass in a bull that will produce daughters you will want more of.

Lot 107 — WB DC PRO BULL 556 — Link to pedigree and EPDs
This a a very good Depth Charge out of one of our favorite young Critical Mass daughters. He's a high growth bull in a moderately-framed, earlier maturing package with high carcass values to boot. This is a very neat package.

Lot 108 — WB LG MANDATE 562P — Link to pedigree and EPDs
This polled Legacy son will be a great female producer. His dam is out of a very good cow line.

Lot 112 — TR DC TROPIC 546 — Link to pedigree and EPDs
This is a very strong maternal bull and one of our favorites. Lot's of growth and will produce very productive, easy fleshing offspring. That 14 inch ribeye and big ribeye EPD is a nice bonus for a maternal bull too.

Lot 113 — TR DC MARIO 549 — Link to pedigree and EPDs
This Depth Charge is another great choice to use on your heifers because of a very low birth weight and birth weight EPD. There's plenty growth and carcass here too.

Lot 114 — TR DC INSIGHT 552 — Link to pedigree and EPDs
This Depth Charge son is out a Critical Mass daughter that is best producer in her contemporary group. That young dam is a potential donor in our program and we plan to flush her dam this fall. His growth (YW = 51) and carcass EPDs are as good as any bull in the sale. He is a little taller than the other bulls in our offering but if you don't mind a frame 7, he needs to be considered as a potential herdsire in a purebred outfit.

Lot 115 — TR RB THE NATURAL 561 — Link to pedigree and EPDs
This polled Red Bull son is out of a proven outcross cow we plan to flush this fall. He has plenty growth and a very strong Milk EPD.

Click on this link to view videos of all the bulls in this sale.

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Don't hesitate to give us a call at 936.569.4872 if you've got any questions about the sale or any of our bulls.

Big Changes on the Horizon for
Thunderstorm R

Through the years we have enjoyed great success in breeding and marketing maternally focused performance Brafords. We are now in the process of shifting gears a little. We plan to continue breeding Brafords with the same focus only better. We've expanded our IVF program to concentrate on increasing the quality and performance of the Brafords we produce. In doing so we are reducing the number of cows being bred Braford and striking out in a new direction. We are initiating a hybrid and/or composite program that we are calling "Functional Reds" for now. Check back soon for more details on our program and objectives and photos of some of the bulls we are now using. We are also developing a strategy and plan to reduce the scope of the purebred Braford segment of our program and expand on the commercial side with our Functional Reds and cattle influenced by those new genetics. We are truly excited about the genetic inputs available that we are blending with the Brafords we have improved upon for more than thirty years.

Critical Mass — A Braford bull that
stently produces top bulls
Common conversations among Braford breeders often center around herd bulls that regularly produce outstanding females but fail to produce top quality bulls with the same regularity. Critical Mass is an exception to this typical Braford situation. Since his first use as a yearling, RMR 206 CRITICAL MASS 0072 has produced several herd bulls in each calf crop. His 2015 calf crop includes more outstanding herd bull prospects than we've ever enjoyed in a bull's calf crop. Additionally, Critical Mass transmits more growth and carcass performance than any bull we've ever used. Even though his BW EPD (+.6) is below breed average, his YW (+48), REA (+0.45) and MARB (+0.29) EPDs easily rank Critical Mass in the top 1% of the breed. He's no maternal slouch either as his MILK EPD of 6 ranks top 10% and his Total Maternal EPD of 19 slots him in the top 5%. All of the 2015 Critical Mass bull calves have been committed to our association's bull development and marketing program and its accompanying sales.

We have semen on our top
performance Braford bulls for sale at this time
Contact us for details.

Our program
Our purebred Braford breeding program is focused on genetics – specifically performance genetics. Effective genetic evaluation can be challenging and requires diligence and measurement accuracy. We measure birth weight with scales – no hoof tapes and no windshield estimations. We shrink our calves before taking weaning weights to get true phenotypic weights that reflect real growth and not differences in fill. Our ultrasound measurements are taken at the prescribed age then evaluated by the CUP lab not chute side by the scanning technician who may not be a disinterested party. We record yearling weights at the same time we scan cattle to eliminate any questions of data manipulation that is often associated with separate yearling weight and carcass data collection procedures.

We use EPDs religiously. Don't let anyone convince you that actual or adjusted weights need to be considered either by themselves or in conjunction with the EPDs. EPDs are the best available indication of transmittable genetics in an animal – they trump everything else. Simple phenotypic measurements can easily be manipulated and usually reflect more non-genetic and environmental influences than genetic differences. Even low accuracy EPDs are superior to actual weights or measurements when you are making selection decisions. Use the EPDs.

We once heard seedstock producer Donnell Brown make a very profound statement at the Texas A&M Beef Cattle Short Course, "Test for performance while managing for longevity." We've practiced these principles for decades. Starving pregnant females to minimize birth weight or creep feeding calves to maximize weaning weights or percent IMF is counterproductive in the long run. These common purebred breeder practices can thwart genetic evaluation and reduce productivity and longevity in the cattle produced. There is no genetic improvement advantage whatsoever to be derived from pushing or overfeeding cattle. You can effectively discern genetic differences at lower feeding levels and at the same time spend less money on development and ensure greater productive longevity.

Our goal is to improve performance genetics in the cattle we breed and sell to our customers. Excessive feed might make them look a little better, weigh more at any measurement point or have more intramuscular fat when scanned. None of these yield superior EPDs or guarantee better genetics to be transmitted to future generations.

We are always excited to talk to you about cattle genetics. We enjoy discussing our program and philosophies of breeding Brafords with superior maternal and solid carcass genetics. If you want to improve your cattle, focus on buying superior genetics and don't fall for excessive feed, fluff or blue sky. We sell genetics. We breed and sell superior Braford genetics that look good too.

Welcome to our website. The primary business of Thunderstorm R Cattle Company is the breeding and marketing of functional UBB registered Braford cattle. We focus our breeding efforts on maternal superiority and have no interest in breeding cattle for the terminal sire side of the industry. We ask that you please consider purchasing our bulls if you desire to raise productive replacement females. We ask that you consider purchasing our females if you want to quickly enhance your cowherd. All of our breeding decisions are geared toward cowherd improvement that yields females demonstrating consistent, strong performance over a long, productive, unpampered lifetime. We are closely aligned with the Wayne Boozer Braford breeding program and all of our cows are located in the East Texas Pineywoods near Douglass, Texas. See the "About US" link to learn more about the relationship between Thunderstorm R Cattle Company and Wayne Boozer Brafords.

Based on decades of experience and formal academic training in animal breeding and genetics, we offer comprehensive consulting services for purebred as well as progressive commercial producers. Our consulting focus is genetic improvement of the cowherd as well as associated purebred marketing.

Thunderstorm R Cattle Company, Nacogdoches, Texas
Rodney, Pam and Emily Roberson; Amy, Kevin, Henry and Bobby Hayes

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